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Welcome to Rocinha

 Favela Walking Tour
Rocinha – The largest Favela in Latin America

Welcome to the best Favela Tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In this Walking Tour, you will be introduced to our lovely Rocinha neighborhood  – The biggest Favela in Latin America. 

Our Favela Walking Tour focuses on a genuine experience with the aim to educate our guests about the favelas which are such a big part of life in Rio. On top of that, the tour is conducted by local experienced tour guides who know the area very well.


Most visitors to Rio de Janeiro have probably heard about or seen the movie “City of God”. To be honest we feel that this movie creates an unfortunate stereotype of our marvelous city and the many favelas in Rio. In order to correct this stereotype and show people the true modern Rio de Janeiro, we have developed a special favela tour. Let us take you to Rocinha favela and show you how daily life happens in this part of the city.


We do not operate a “zoo-tour” in jeeps like some of the other tour companies. We focus on a genuine experience with the aim to educate our guests about the favelas which are such a big part of life in Rio. Visiting a favela with us is safe and will give you a new perspective on Rio and Brazil.

Nevertheless, forget about everything you may have heard about Favelas in Rio and allow us (the locals) to tell you the real story. Having said that, we would like to experience the best about Favelas and how life is inside a favela.  In other words, see how residents live and learn about the difficulties they face.

Last but least the price of your tour includes a monetary contribution to the community. Your tour ends with a hotel drop-off.

Please note: We are sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding favelas, and we understand that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that the purpose of this tour is for educational reasons alone and allows for a better understanding of Brazilian life inside a favela.

Your tour begins with hotel pickup in the Rio areas of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. When you arrive at Rocinha, Brazil’s largest favela, your walking tour starts with your guide, who is a local resident. 

Our Favela Walking Tour on CNN

Walking in a Favela is safe because this is not only our working place, this is home for us.

Join us today and get to learn more about Brazil and its issues. Your money will help us provide food for poor families inside our community.

Please Note:

  • Local Tour Guide (only)
  • Group Tour: 100 reais per person  –  for payments online – click here
  • Price is 90 reais per person if you pay in cash 
  • kids under 10 years old are free of charge
  • This tour requires minimum of 2 persons 
  • Private Favela Tour
  • Morning or afternoon  – (Private Only)
  • Flexible meeting point
  • Transportation  (back and forth)
  • What is included:
  • Guided tour in English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • PS: For French, German or Hebrew – We need to have it booked in advance. 
  • Transportation back and forth to the hotel.
  • What to bring:
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera.

Before booking your tour – have a look at our meeting points below and let us know which one fits you best.

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Copacabana PalaceBelmond Copacabana Palace 
Pick up at 13:30
Avenida Atlantica 1702

a6ea70cb-8df0-424a-9312-8bfd638b9000Othon Palace Hotel

Pick up at 13:50
Avenida Atlantica 3264

Cesar ParkSofitel Ipanema ex Cæsar park Hotel

Pick up at 14:10
Avenida Vieira Souto 460


hotel-marina-palaceMarina Palace Hotel

Pick up at 14:20
Avenida Delfim Moreira 630

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