Meeting the Locals

Get off the beaten track and meet us, the locals!

The favelas of Rio have a bad reputation and are often known for all the wrong reasons. However,  we as locals would like to invite to know the real favela, this time, with us!

By joining us on this educational Rio de Janeiro tour to see this area which never makes it into the tourist brochures but is full of life, diversity, history, and community. 

In this page, you will learn a bit more about our Favela Walking Tour project and meet the locals which are part of our daily routine in Rocinha.

First, you will meet Marcelo, our football star.  Secondly, Mestre Manuel who fights poverty using the power of Capoeira – The Brazilian Martial Art disguised as a dance by the Africans!

Last but not least, watch our tour guide, Carlos de Souza, explain about life in Favela and how he describes our everyday life as “Rocinha is my country, my city, my heaven and my hell”.

Marcelo Mendes –  A  world record heading the ball for 6 hours and 2 min.

As Marcelo, there are many talents hidden in Rocinha and other slums of Brazil and through here we would like to share with you all his great life-story and show that it is always possible to achieve your goals.

Breaking the circle of drugs and guns

“My dream is to be officially registered as an association. Also to find a dedicated space which will enable our Capoeira lessons to continue as well as functioning as an inter-cultural exchange center where volunteers could bring their knowledge to our students while enjoying the unique energy that Acorda Capoeira naturally creates.”

Mestre Manel.

Carlos de Souza, Tour Guide

“Thanks for helping us make the world a better place”