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What makes us the best Favela Tour in town?

Rocinha during the last 30 years has become one of Rio´s main tourist attraction, but for us – locals,  our favela is much more. Here is our home.

Operating since 2006, we have guided more than 50 thousand  Rio de Janeiro tourists per year. We share the experience and learn about new cultures. All of us speak English and Portuguese and know the country intimately. Accredited by Brazilian Tourism and extensively trained, you can be confident that you are in very good hands. Our goal is to allow you to have the best contact with the local culture. 

To make you feel at home our Local Tour Guides and drivers  are originally from Rocinha – which makes your visit more comfortable. Therefore, we would like to invite you in a especial journey that will be an open eye experience that will change your insights.

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Forget about everything you were told about Favelas – Lets focus in the good side ONLY – Let us tell you the real story.

Most visitors to Rio de Janeiro have probably heard about or seen the movie “City of God”. To be honest we feel that this movie creates an unfortunate stereotype of our marvelous city and the many favelas in Rio. In order to correct this stereotype and show people the true modern Rio de Janeiro, we have developed a special favela tour. Let us take you to the Rocinha favela and show you how daily life happens in this part of the city.

The favela tour is non-intrusive and respectful with the lives of the people living in Rocinha.

Our Local  Tour Guides


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